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What Is The Local Search Ecosystem?

A pyramid shaped illustration of the local search ecosystem players. How The Local Search Ecosystem Works from B-SeenOnTop

The local search ecosystem is a complex spiderweb of data providers, search engines, and business directories that all exchange and access business name, address, and telephone number (NAP or citation) data. Data providers are commercial local data aggregators who gather, match, cleanse, reformat, and sell individual and business data for profit. You know all that junk […]

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SEO Benefits in Layman’s Terms

Image of a Prada window display in the desert is a good analogy for how to explain seo benefits in layman's terms

If you have a hard time getting your head around the benefits of SEO or search engine optimization, a desert analogy might help. I was scanning discussions on Moz’s Linkedin page earlier today. I saw Christopher Jan Benitez, a virtual assistant at PortPrep, ask how to explain SEO benefits to non-SEO people. He wanted a […]

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