Attract and Engage Website Visitors

If you sell anything other than inexpensive widgets, most people won’t buy from you the first time they visit your website. They will scan your content and visit other websites before narrowing their options and possibly returning to learn more.

Strategic content marketing gives website visitors a reason to come back. Its goal is to create a rich and helpful experience for your search audience – one that differentiates you from the competition, answers visitors’ questions, and gives them an opportunity to get to know, like and trust you. The more uniquely valuable the experience, the greater the likelihood people will come back, want to do business with you, and tell friends, associates, and family members about you.

Strategic content marketing: 

  • defines your unique value proposition and competitive differences;
  • identifies the information assets that attract your intended audience and align with your unique value proposition;
  • articulates a plan to create and share those assets in the places your audience is most likely to discover them;
  • giving you the opportunity to earn amplification, links, and engagement signals that tell Google you are relevant and helpful; and
  • ultimately leading to repeat visitors, productivity improvements, and increased engagement, leads, and revenue.

Content marketing (a.k.a. inbound marketing) helps you stand out in a crowded market. Done right, it attracts, engages, and satisfies visitors at every stage of their buying journey while earning you greater brand recognition and profit.

Is Your Content Doing What It Needs To Do?
Is It Uniquely Valuable?