Understand Goals – Develop a Plan

SEO is a process, an ongoing series of services and tactics aimed at helping you achieve your business and marketing goals. There is more than one way to achieve those goals and an SEO strategy gives you options.

To be successful at SEO, you must:

  • have thorough, in-depth understanding of what people want when they search for your goods and/or services – and why they want (or need) them;
  • have a website that is robust, secure, lightening fast, and easy-to-find and use by both search engines and your target audience;
  • create, publish and promote sought-after, unique, and highly-valuable content that satisfies both your target audience’s information wants and needs and Google; and
  • earn backlinks and online mentions that signal the quality and usefulness of your content, products, and services to search engines.

An SEO strategy starts with understanding your specific business audience, challenges and goals. We research your market position, competition, and existing website to build an accurate picture of where there are gaps and opportunities. We present findings and recommendations, and with your approval, create a custom plan that spells out the specific mix of services and tactics that will be used to deliver measurable results.

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