Stand Out on Maps, GPS Devices, and Online Directories

If you are a small business and most of your best prospects and customers are within an easy commute of your business or search using location-based terms (like cities, towns, zip codes, or the ubiquitous “near me” qualifier), local SEO may be for you.

Local SEO offers:

  • less competition;
  • higher visibility – especially on mobile devices;
  • increased click-thru rates (probably due to increased trust resulting from the first-page positioning, map, reviews, and address verification requirements imposed by search engines);
  • more foot traffic and sales*.

In most cases, proximity to the searcher is key. If your business is too far away from your target audience or people do not use geographic qualifiers when they search, you should consider organic SEO services instead.  

*68 percent of consumers who conduct a local business search on their mobile device call or visit within a day. 53% make a purchase. (Source: The Mobile Movement Research Study, ThinkwithGoogle).

See where you rank now.

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