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WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

WordPress is the most popular website building platform on the Internet for small to mid-sized businesses. It’s also the easiest to optimize.

WordPress is popular because it simplifies content creation and upkeep and has a seemingly endless array of plug-and-play templates, tools and options when it comes to your website look, feel, and functionality. There is a huge community of developers supporting it in Philadelphia (and worldwide).

WordPress simplifies search engine optimization for the same reasons. One of the most popular WordPress plugins is Yoast, a free plugin that helps ease and speed up website technical and on-page optimization. It doesn’t take care of all of what needs doing, but it helps streamline setup and puts you on a path where you can produce stronger content.

WordPress SEO Services

The SEO services we offer to WordPress clients are exactly the same as what we offer to everyone else. The difference is that Yoast gives us the option to teach you how to optimize and publish content on your own. That way, we focus on technical and off-page SEO (content strategy and link building) while you work on creating the content your audience wants and needs.

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Wordpress SEO Services from B-SeenOnTop

We know WordPress and SEO. You know your business and customers.

Together we can get you to the top of search results where your best prospects and customers will find you.

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