Philadelphia SEO Consultant

Philadelphia SEO Consultant

Donna Duncan, BA MBA

Philadelphia SEO Consultant Donna Duncan

Philadelphia SEO Consultant Donna Duncan has more than 25 years technology, analytics, marketing, and management experience. She is a top-50 contributor to the well-respected Moz community and has had her advice and content published on sites like CanIRank, The Blog Herald, Social Media TodayScribbleliveBusiness2CommunityNFIB, Yahoo Finance, Smartsheet, and Inbound.

Donna grew up in a Canadian military family. She earned her undergraduate degree and spent 15 years working in Canada’s capital in various technology roles for the Tax Department, Fisheries and Oceans, and Federal Center For HIV and AIDS.

After moving to the United States, Donna earned her MBA in Information Systems at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia (1995). She spent the next 10 years working as a middle and senior manager in JP Morgan Chase’s Credit Card Division. She launched B-SeenOnTop in 2007.

Donna is a pragmatist, marketer, and expert SEO that understands business and technology. She believes in differentiation, paying attention to details, and doing things right the first time.

Outside of work, Donna has wrestled with Type 1 Diabetes most of her life. She has traveled extensively, owns too many books, and drinks way too much Starbucks decaf.

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