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SEO is a nuanced and difficult field that takes time and experience to master. While there are plenty of free, learn-at-your-own-pace reference materials readily available on the Internet, much of it is inexact, misleading, and/or contradictory. One of the best ways to get up the learning curve quickly is to pair yourself with an experienced SEO mentor and coach who will teach you the ropes and help you avoid SEO scams and rabbit holes that might otherwise slow or impede progress.

At B-SeenOnTop, we start by developing an SEO strategy and plan. We then work with you, one-on-one, to implement it – closing gaps, taking advantage of opportunities, and achieving your goals along the way. As with any other form of marketing, SEO requires continuous upkeep and maintenance. Our coaching will give you the skills and knowledge needed to continue your own.

For SEO coaching to be effective, you need a deep understanding of your business, some marketing and technical savvy, engaging writing skills, and a love of continuous learning. If this sounds like it might work for you and you want to learn more, fill out our contact-us form or give us a call.

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