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Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller recently shared a YouTube video that puts a human face on Google. It lets you peek under the covers and begin to appreciate just how complex this ubiquitous and seemingly simple service actually is.

The movie describes Google’s reason-for-being while taking you inside several of its many complexes, data centers, and offices where you can see employees going about their day-to-day work. You’ll hear insiders talk about:

  • how Google continues to provide its service, free of charge, to people all around the world;
  • how and why it combats SPAM;
  • how it discovers and ranks content (at a high level);
  • why there are so many data centers;
  • the role of quality raters;
  • the rationale behind elusive “expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T)” ranking considerations;
  • the role of BERT and machine learning; and
  • so much more.

Meet some new and recognizable Googlers like Ben Gomes, Pandu Nayak, Cathy Edwards, David Bez, Urs Hölzle, Jeff Dean, Paul Haahr, and more. Learn what the company values and how that is reflected in almost everything they do.

How I Discovered the Video

John Mu shared this video on Twitter. The comments are interesting too.

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