What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s a way to have blog posts and news items delivered to you automatically and saves you having to make repeat visits to a website to find out if anything new has been posted.

Where is that content delivered? It’s delivered to a place called a reader, just another website, but one that aggregates / consolidates all the news and information you care about into one place. Some will allow you to view delivered content offline, meaning you do not need an Internet connection to access what has already been delivered to your reader. Great if you find yourself on planes and trains a lot.

These are the top 7 free RSS readers (2016). I use Feedly.

Can you subscribe to posts via email and accomplish the same thing? Yes, but you might prefer an RSS subscription so you can remain anonymous. You don’t have to provide an email address to subscribe to an RSS feed.

RSS is complicated. If you want to keep it simple, subscribe via email.