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Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing builds trust and loyalty for your business. Content Marketing works when you give people the free, unbiased and helpful information they want, when they want it.

How It Works

If your website is easy-to-find and use, and is filled with high-quality, relevant and useful information, people will read it. They will bookmark, link to it, and share it with others. All these things increase your rankings, exposure, and conversions – key ingredients for Internet success.

The key is to start with a well-engineered and optimized website and layer on a content strategy. A strategy gives you purpose, focus, and direction by prescribing the audience and processes and tools you’ll need to achieve your goals. It includes:

  • a clear definition of your intended audience;
  • the type of information they’re searching for;
  • their social media preferences;
  • gaps and opportunities in the competitive market;
  • the types of content you should be producing;
  • the SEO-friendly publication, promotion and measurement tools you should be using; and
  • when and how often you should use them.

Content marketing can become a natural and worthwhile extension of your day-to-day business. Let us help you craft a solution that works for you.

How We Can Help

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B-SeenOnTop focuses on content marketing for small businesses in the Philadelphia area. We are mindful of your time and budget and give practical as well as actionable advice and services.

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