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Thirty million small businesses compete daily to display as one of just 10 free blue links or 3 map results on the first page of Google. Sixty-one percent struggle to gain website traffic and leads.

High-quality search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing services can get you to page 1. They offer wide-ranging benefits, an excellent return on investment, and sustained and compounding value over time.

We make SEO easy to understand, transparent, and affordable. We increase your website traffic and leads using industry-approved and Google-sanctioned best practices customized to fit your specific needs and budget.

Increase Traffic and Leads

A good-looking website is not enough to get found on Google. It must be designed and built with humans and search engines in mind.

A website will not rank well unless it:

  • is structured to ease navigation, understanding and use;
  • clearly communicates your brand identity and expertise;
  • is populated with sought-after, unique, and valuable content that satisfies visitors’ information wants and needs; and
  • is promoted and shared online, on the venues where your audience hangs out.

Our client on the right saw a significant improvement in six months. It was their “best year ever“.

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Our Process

Learn:  We start by getting to know your business and website. We do a website review and competitive analysis to identify opportunities for improvement.

Plan:  We share findings and recommendations including a proposed approach, budget, and timeline for increasing online visibility and leads.

Implement:  We implement the plan, keeping you abreast of progress, issues, and obstacles along the way.

Measure:  Outcomes are measured and the plan adapted, as needed, to new situations in the evolving marketplace and search environment.

You can find our content and advice on industry publications like Moz, Social Media Today, CanIRank, The Blog Herald, NFIB, Yahoo Finance, Scribble Live, Business2Community, Smartsheet, and Inbound.


Meeshka Bernaby Brand 
Northwest Construction & Landscape 
Bremerton, WA

“Donna is exactly who you want working for you. She’s proactive, thorough and effective at her job. Our rankings improved considerably after hiring her as our SEO consultant, and you can now find us on the highly coveted, first page of Google.”

Dale S. Goldberg, CPA  
Dale Tax Service
Philadelphia PA

“Donna is honest, professional, knowledgeable and very thorough in her work. I have used many different firms and have not found anyone close to as good as she is. I would recommend her firm to anyone looking for this service.”

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