Philadelphia SEO Services

Is your website easy to find?

Is it generating traffic and sales?

Probably not if you’re shopping for Philadelphia SEO services. We find that a lot of small to mid-sized business owners are concerned about their lack of Internet visibility, traffic, or profit. That, or they’re wishing the whole process was far less confusing.

Search engine optimization and content marketing are complex and constantly changing. That doesn’t mean they have to be confusing or misleading. In fact, it’s better if they aren’t. We get faster and better results when everyone shares a common understanding of the business objectives and SEO / content marketing process.

How B-SeenOnTop Can Help

We infuse our services with education. You’ll now what’s going on, why, and what you can expect as a result when.

You’ll get top priority treatment and the option to do some of the work yourself (with training and guidance, of course).

We baseline your site before we start and take checkpoints long the way. You’ll see progress and be able to tie that back to accomplishments.

Pay as you go. Pay hourly, per deliverable, or with a monthly retainer. The choice is yours.

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