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About Us

Philadelphia SEO Consultant / Coach delivers SEO that makes sense to small businesses and web designers.

Welcome to B-SeenOnTop, a small business SEO and content marketing firm on the Main Line of Philadelphia PA.

Expect highly personalized service at a small business price.

  • why differentHighly personalized means you deal one-to-one with the owner.
  • It means solutions are customized to fit your exact needs and budget.
  • A small business price means we keep our overhead low, so we can keep our prices low.
  • It also means we enable you to be as self-sustaining as you want to be.

Don’t expect immediate results. SEO is a process, an ongoing process that only begins to bear fruit after several months of effort. SEO requires patience and persistence.

Expect us to ask hard questions. We need to understand your business well enough to differentiate you from your competition and attract a ready-to-buy audience. We’ll want to assess your commitment. It means our questions will be probing and difficult.

We use only Google and industry-sanctioned best practices.

We baseline your website and show measured improvements over time.

We understand there are endless demands for your time and money. We won’t waste either.

SEO is about your business, your market, and search and social tools and technologies. But mostly, it’s about your audience.

If you want to get found on the Internet, you have to embrace the language and tools used by your best prospects and customers. You have to use the same words, be trustworthy, open and honest. Your website content and Internet reputation has to reflect that.

People search using words. When the words on your website match the words your audience is searching for, you’ll be eligible to rank.

diagram showing the intersection of being eligible to rank, relevant and convincing, popular and authoritativeSearch engines can’t read – they’re machines. If your website is technically well architected, search engines will be able to understand the words on your site and you’ll be eligible to rank.

Popular and authoritative websites rank well on the Internet. Popularity is measured by “votes” (the number of links, citations, and social mentions your website has). Authority is earned when links come from respected and popular sources. When you’re helpful, open and honest and relevant and convincing, you’ll earn the links, shares and social mentions you need to rank well. 

Social media websites are among the most popular on the web. If your website is not present and active on those platforms,  you’ll have a hard time earning enough votes to out-rank your competition.

B-SeenOnTop positions you in front of your best prospects and customers WHEN they’re looking for you, WHERE they’re looking for you, and using the tools and language they use when searching.

About The Owner, Donna Duncan

Donna Duncan is a Philadelphia SEO consultant and coach that helps small businesses increase their visibility and profits on the Internet using SEO, content marketing and social media.

Picture of Donna Duncan, Small Business Philadelphia SEO Consultant, Content Marketing and Social Media Coach

Donna Duncan, MBA

Donna’s gift for understanding what works comes from over 25 years of using process and technology to grow businesses across many disciplines.

Donna grew up in a military family in Canada. She earned an undergraduate degree there and worked for 15 years in various technology roles supporting businesses and government organizations in Ottawa Ontario, Canada’s capital.

In 1991 Donna moved to the Main Line of Philadelphia and enrolled in a MBA program at the St. Joseph’s University Haub School of Business. After graduating with honors she spent 10 years as a senior technology person supporting JP Morgan Chase’s credit and marketing efforts in Wilmington DE.

Since 2007 Donna has worked as a Philadelphia SEO consultant and coach helping small business owners and web designers grow their visibility and profits on the Internet.

Donna loves her work. Outside of that, she enjoys spending time with her friends, family and two Cavalier King Charles spaniels. She likes problem solving, experimenting with new recipes, travel and historical fiction. Donna has visited countries in 5 continents, owns too many books and has lots of good travel stories.

Our Clients

Our clients are small business owners and web designers.

Small business owners seek us out because they are frustrated owning a website that is simply not meeting their goals or expectations. They’re either getting very little traffic, or traffic that does not convert. They want SEO services and coaching.

Web designers offer, or want to start offering, SEO services to their clients but lack the process, tools, expertise or just the arms and legs to get the work done.

There are lots of options in the Philadelphia small business SEO market. See what Google and industry leader Moz have to say about how to find a reputable SEO Consultant and coach. Check out our social media channels at the top of the page. See what our customers have to say about us.

When you’re ready, contact us. We’ll talk about your needs, expectations and options. Your first consult is free.

B-SeenOnTop is a proud and active member of the Moz, Majestic, Whitespark and WP Engine communities.