Philadelphia SEO Consultant for Small Business

About Us

B-SeenOnTop is a small business SEO and content marketing firm owned and operated by Donna Duncan, a Philadelphia SEO consultant for small business.

What To Expect

There are endless demands for a small business owner’s time and money. I won’t waste either.

  • cafe table top showing people working together with cokes, pens, papers and laptops.Expect to understand how SEO works. I get far better results when we’re on the same page.
  • Expect to deal one-to-one with the company owner. Your calls are returned promptly; your questions answered thoroughly.
  • Expect solutions customized to fit your exact needs and budget. No added fluff or bureaucracy.
  • Expect faster results than you might get elsewhere because you’ll get focused attention and help.

Don’t expect immediate results. SEO is a process, an ongoing process that typically only begins to bear fruit after several months. If you are in a highly competitive market, it will take longer.

How I Work

I work collaboratively, meaning you and I will share the work based on objectives, skill sets, availability, and budget.

At 30,000 feet, successful SEO and content marketing involves:

  • criteria for a well optimized websitemaking sure your website is found and indexed by Google;
  • publishing and promoting content that your audience finds relevant, convincing and helpful; and
  • showing Google you deserve to rank highly by exhibiting evidence of popularity and authority.

The best (and fastest!) results come from pooled efforts that maximize our strengths. You know your business and customers. I know search and technology. Together we can accomplish more with less.

I use only Google and industry-sanctioned best practices. I baseline your website before we start and show measured improvements over time.

About Donna Duncan

Donna has more than 25 years of technology and marketing experience. She is a proud and active member of the well-respected Donna Duncan, Philadelphia SEO Consultant for Small Business Moz, Majestic, Whitespark and WP Engine (affiliate) communities. She is a published blogger on Social Media Today and Business2Community.

Donna grew up in a Canadian military family. She earned an undergraduate degree and spent 15 years developing computer systems before moving to the Main Line of Philadelphia in 1991. She completed an MBA at the St. Joseph’s University Haub School of Business and worked as a senior technology person with JP Morgan Chase. She launched B-SeenOnTop in 2007.

Donna is a pragmatic strategist, marketer, SEO and blogger that understands technology. She believes in differentiation, process, and doing things right the first time.

Outside of work, Donna has wrestled with Type 1 Diabetes most of her life. She values health and family, enjoys coffee, beautiful landscapes and diverse cultures. She owns too many books and drinks way too much Starbucks decaf.


Clients are B2B and B2C small business owners and marketing firms.

Small business owners want a website that meets their goals and expectations. They want prompt attention, honest feedback, and meaningful results. 

Marketing firms want SEO and content marketing guidance or services. They want advice, process, tools, or outsourced SEO services. 

See what Google and industry leader Moz have to say about how to find a reputable SEO consultant for small business. Keep up-to-date with important industry happenings by following us on social media. See what customers have to say about us.

When you’re ready, contact us. Your first consult is free.