Philadelphia SEO Company

SEO isn’t just about traffic.

It’s about visibility, earning a good return on investment and conversions.

It’s about getting prospects and customers to do what YOU want them to do:

  • call you;
  • fill out a form;
  • buy something;
  • “like”, link to, share or engage with your content.

Start by making sure you’re easy to find.

Then give time-strapped visitors a compelling reason to pick you, and not your competition.

B-SeenOnTop has a proven process for getting you to the top of search results and increasing your visibility, return on investment (ROI) and conversions. We’re a small company in Delaware County PA that offers highly personalized SEO services and do-it-yourself coaching to Philadelphia-area small business owners, marketing and web design firms.

B-SeenOnTop gets most of its business from visitors (like you) and from word-of-mouth referrals. That speaks to our ability to get to the job done – even when you’re a small business (like us), even in the most competitive of markets (like SEO). It’s evidence our valued customers have paid us the highest compliment by referring us to others.

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    You know what’s important to your clients.

    We know what’s important to Google and how people search the Internet.

    Together we can get you to the top of search results where your best prospects and customers will find you.

    Contact us for a free SEO consultation. We can usually recommend something on the very first visit that you can action and see results from.