SEO Frustrations

The Yoast Focus Keyword Field Is Not Broken

image of electrical plug pulled out of the wall on the yoast focus keyword field not broken blog post

The Yoast SEO plugin is a popular tool among search engine optimization specialists and bloggers. It helps users optimize their website and suggests popular words and phrases (keywords) people might be using to search for your goods and/or services. You can include those keywords in your blog posts and increase your chances of being eligible to […]

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Why You Have Every Right To Feel Frustrated By SEO

an example of frustration - a woman clearly irritated as she tries to remove a light bulb from that horrible plastic wrapping that's impossible to break into

I heard it again last week – “I”m so frustrated by SEO!” The comment came from a small business owner who was articulating his frustration while trying to understand SEO. I heard words like “mystery”, “black magic” and “black box”. Donna DuncanDonna Duncan is SEO, content marketing consultant, and owner of Philadelphia SEO company B-SeenOnTop. […]

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