Popular websites rank well on Google.

Social media websites are among the most popular on the Web.

Most small businesses can’t afford to ignore them.

SEO and social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn represent an opportunity for your small business to gain exposure and referred traffic.

  • You should create and share content that grabs the attention, and satisfies the information wants and needs, of your intended audience.
  • If your audience “likes” it and/or shares it with their social media connections, that gets you additional exposure and possibly some referred traffic.
  • Social signals themselves – things like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn “likes” and followers – do NOT impact rankings.
  • If referred traffic visits your website without bouncing (leaving right away) and ends up linking to your content, that’s a different story. That will help your rankings. It’s just very hard to predict if and when that will happen unless you have a content marketing strategy and plan.
  • You should use social media to build up your brand (name recognition) and drive qualified traffic directly, not to boost your search rankings and traffic.

There are some small businesses that can still get away without having to participate on social media. They tend to be niche players in narrow geographies.

snapshot of the B-SeenOnTop Facebook page on the social media and seo page of the site

What Can We Do To Help?

B-SeenOnTop does not offer social media services.

We help you figure out whether you need to participate and, if so, your best options for moving forward.

If you want to learn more, contact us for a free consult. Learn about our other services.